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How do I download here?

Check out out Guide to get started with Magnet links, torrents and downloading.

Who are you and why you do this?

We like to create nice and unique things.

Not one more "meta search engine". Not one more popup-spamming abomination. Not another "free download for just $12.99/month" site. There are already too much PHP-coding kidz in internets for that.

We want people to like our site and visit again.

Why "Bitsnoop"?

Because it snoops for bits (and bytes). We didn't like the sound of "Bytesnoop".

We were going to name the site "SomethingTorrents" or "TorrentSomething" or "SIPrefixAstronomyTerm" but have decided that it would be too unconventional. :-)

What is "BTek3'?

This is a codename for our new amazing technology. More info here.

You're **AA honeypot site!

Nope. It's useless for **AA to build and host such site — it's a hundred times easier to get IPs directly off trackers / PEX / DHT.

What exactly is that TrackerMatch thing?

We find extra trackers for every torrent and add them. More peers, better speed, more reliable.

TL/DR: for example, one uploads a torrent somewhere with one tracker. Search engines pick up torrent and "save" it. Then tracker goes down and someone else adds another tracker to torrent. Most search engines will think that there is still one tracker and give it to you.

Some search engines (including yours truly) perform cross-referencing of trackers — add all trackers to torrent to make downloading faster and more reliable. We call what we do here TrackerMatch because we try to do it better than others.

Magnet Links?

Magnet links are an alternative way to distribute torrents. When you use it with compatible client, torrent file is downloaded from DHT (Distributed Hash Table) "cloud". It is supposed to be more reliable.

Read our Torrent Guide to start downloading them.

If you want to get technical — Magnet Link for torrent is a HEX-encoded torrent info_hash value. More info in this Wikipedia article.

TV Finder?

We have hundred of thousands of TV torrents, but searching for a particular episode could be a pain. Everyone likes to name torrents their own way.

Here comes TV Finder — first ever automatic catalogue of TV torrents. It might not be 100% accurate (i.e., sometimes more torrents that needed) but usually does a decent job. Try for yourself.


We have twitter and blog — all news and planned features go there.

I want to advertise on your site.

Drop a note to [email protected].

Please keep in mind that we will not deal with anything related to scams, pornography, black SEO / link farming. We want to provide a value for our users, not to shower them in tons of crap in effort to make money.

Can I link to specific page at your site?

We don't mind, have fun!

Your site is illegal!

Nope. We do not host copyrighted content. Even then — we're nice guys and have takedown procedure.

I've found error on page / dead link.

Please (pretty please) drop a note to [email protected].

Hey, I have a suggestion for your site!

Great! We really would like to hear it — just write to [email protected].

Will you index torrents from <Site>?

Mail your suggestions to [email protected]. Please note that we do not (and not likely that we will) index private sites and trackers.

Your site rocks, I like it!

Thanks, we work quite hard for that. You can say thanks in email to [email protected] — makes us feel nice. Mentioning us in your blog, forum or Twitter would help. :-)

I have a meta-search engine and want to add your index to my results.

If you're not related to "black-hat" SEO and do not display misleading / pornographic ads — drop a note to [email protected] for API specs and key.

We already have results in JSON/PHP_serialize formats, adding new format will take a bit of time.

I will be scraping your pages for my "search" site and will not tell you.

You might get nasty results in your search. Also we might make fun of you publicily.

Just tell us in advance, m'kay?

Torrent takes forever to download! I'm stuck at 99%!

Although we are trying to give you the best-seeded torrents first, it's not possible to make everything perfect.

Public torrents are so public. Patience is a virtue.

You are cowards — you delete copyrighted torrents!

No we're not. We don't have time and money to fight endless legal battles we will be having otherwise. Lawyers charge by the hour (and a lot).

ur site sux! <SiteName> so much beter LOL!

If you're disappointed by search quality or some technical problem — please drop a note to [email protected] (if possible, describing the problem).

If you don't have anything meaningful to say — please don't waste time, there are lots of torrent sites. Also we don't really care if you think that <SiteName> is better.

I downloaded password rarz! Fail!

Robots find new torrent and add it to index each 20 seconds — it's impossible to moderate everything. This is why we have FakeSkan, comments and rating in place. Torrents with bad rating will be lower in search results (and eventually flagged as "Fake"). Also commenting on torrent would help a lot.


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