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DMCA Compliance Statistics

Everybody and their dog releases DMCA request statistics (about which RIAA does not give a shit apparently) — so we figured we also should show people that we are warm and fuzzy and comply to DMCA.

Please note that we've started storing detailed takedown requests information rather recently — numbers shown reflect requests we've recieved since December 2011. We were processing takedowns before that, of course — just did not store statistics.

Requests We've Complied To: 2,498,810

Number above is the number of torrents that were deleted from our index. Grand total. Proof that we are good. Look at it once more.

So, on average we comply to (which means, log, analyze, remove content and respond by e-mail) to 1310 DMCA requests per day, give or take.

Top-100 DMCA Senders

It's not a secret that there's a whole new industry of racketeering — known as "intellectual property protection services" grown in recent years in the internets.

Table below displays top hundred of DMCA request senders (basically, companies profiting from alledged copyright infringment by "protecting" from it).

We log contents of From header in incoming emails — results may seem a bit messy, as some companies ( is the nastiest one) actually forge e-mail headers (to make e-mail appear more official?). Still, it's an interesting piece of data, enjoy.

P.S. Our DMCA Policy is available here if you're looking for a way to add your name to this list.

Sender e-mail # of Requests
[email protected] 51,762
[email protected] 43,363
[email protected] 15,364
MarkScan Enforcement <[email protected]> 11,512
[email protected] 11,357
[email protected] 10,662
[email protected] 9,959
[email protected] 9,501
[email protected] 8,261
[email protected] 6,002
[email protected] 4,078
"DMCA Force" <[email protected]> 4,059
[email protected] 3,094
"Remove Your Media Legal" <[email protected]> 3,074
[email protected] 2,429
[email protected] 2,214
"[email protected]" <[email protected]> 2,108
[email protected] 2,087
[email protected] 1,818
[email protected] 1,741
[email protected] 1,709
<[email protected]> 1,253
[email protected] 1,171
[email protected] 1,168
[email protected] 1,080
[email protected] 1,076
=?UTF-8?B?QWRhbSBEb2Jyb3dvbHNraSB8IE1vbm9saXRoIEZpbG1z?= <[email protected]> 991
Sarah May <[email protected]> 935
xTakedowns <[email protected]> 836
notice <[email protected]> 728
"easyDNS Technologies Inc." <[email protected]> 679
Enforcement <[email protected]> 620
Entura International LTD <[email protected]> 605
"MarkMonitor Antipiracy Services" <[email protected]> 593
[email protected] 576
[email protected] 495
[email protected] 487
[email protected] 487
[email protected] 485
[email protected] 444
[email protected] 424
Anti-Piracy Command Center <[email protected]> 420
[email protected] 416
JS <[email protected]> 349
[email protected] 273
"Remove Your Media Legal Support" <[email protected]> 250
[email protected] 218
[email protected] 213
[email protected] 167
[email protected] 145
[email protected] 133
[email protected] 122
[email protected] 117
[email protected] 109
[email protected] 108
DMCA Notice <[email protected]> 107
[email protected] 98
[email protected] 97
[email protected] 96
"MarkMonitor Antipiracy Services" <[email protected]> 88
PSH DMCA Abuse Alert <[email protected]> 82
"Content Protection & Analytics" <[email protected]> 75
[email protected] 69
[email protected] 65
[email protected] 55
[email protected] 52
[email protected] 52
"Cengage Learning Antipiracy Services" <[email protected]> 48
DMCA Pro Notice <[email protected]> 46
[email protected] 37
[email protected] 37
"Onsist Agent" <[email protected]> 35
[email protected] 33
"MarkMonitor Antipiracy Services" <[email protected]> 27
"ESA Antipiracy Services" <[email protected]> 24
[email protected] 22
[email protected] 21
Legal Department <[email protected]> 18
"Marina M" <[email protected]> 17
[email protected] 15
"Fortes, Michael" <[email protected]> 12
"MarkMonitor Antipiracy Services" <[email protected]> 12
"MarkMonitor Antipiracy Services" <[email protected]> 12
"Onsist Agent" <[email protected]> 11
Maria Spera <[email protected]> 11
[email protected] 11
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